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Palm Beach Bodyguard

He’s the security expert her overprotective father hired. She’s the headstrong former prosecutor tempting him to break all his rules. Together they have chemistry hotter than the Florida sun.

It was the worst day of Ava Barton’s life. She’d been fired from the US Attorney’s office in Miami and learned there might be a contract on her life. The police and the FBI can’t protect her from “might,” so she begrudgingly takes refuge behind the walls of her parents’ oceanfront estate in Palm Beach.

Jackson King protects the rich and famous while they play in the Florida sunshine. When the powerful Barton family needs a bodyguard for their daughter, he steps up to take the job. But the platonic working relationship Jackson expects goes off the rails. And, against his better judgment, he wants Ava as more than a client.

When Ava’s life is at risk, Jackson’s need to claim her as his own threatens to boil over. Can he ignore his desires until the authorities catch the person behind the dangerous attacks? Or will her family send him packing?

Palm Beach Bodyguard can be enjoyed as a standalone but it is book three of the Protecting Love series.

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Savannah Run

Leia Stone is in over her head and accepting the help of a sexy fixer with a dangerous past is her only chance of survival.

She’s just discovered her boss is in business with some of New York’s most brutal criminals. Going to the FBI throws her even deeper into the dark waters of money laundering and human trafficking. A former client is the only one she can turn to.

Eric Robb is a man of many talents.

He’s a professional fixer whose clients pay him handsomely to make their problems disappear. But now he’s got a problem of his own–protecting an idealistic beauty he’s never been able to get out of his head.

When a ghost from Eric’s past joins the hunt they escape to the southern city of Savannah looking for a reprieve only to stumble deeper into the criminal’s web.

Eric is only one man, with danger lurking around every corner will his skills be enough to keep Leia alive?

Savannah Run is the action-packed first book in the Metropolitan Collection series of standalone HEA romantic suspense novels.

Chicago by Chance

A one-night stand, a new city, and a danger she never saw coming.

Katherine Ford thought the public scandal she left behind in DC was the worst life could send her way. She was wrong.

Her fresh start in Chicago isn’t the new beginning she dreamed of—it’s a nightmare. An ambitious real estate deal lands her on the wrong side of the Chicago mob. And her only ally is the one night stand she can’t forget.

Falling into bed with a sexy redhead that lives on the other side of the county isn’t Air Marshal Craig March’s usual style. But Katherine Ford is an unusual woman. When her life is threatened, he’ll risk it all to protect her.

Chicago by Chance is a steamy, standalone, romantic suspense story with nail-biting action. Expect tangled sheets and perilous rescues. A protective hero and a bold heroine in a long-distance relationship must overcome more than geography for their happily ever after.

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Lone Star Revenge

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Lone Star Revenge: A Protecting Love Novella

Maritza wants revenge. Drew is standing in her way.

Computer hacker Maritza lurked in the shadows looking for the opportunity to bring a dirty politician to his knees. She’s only got one chance to get even, and nothing will stop her. Not even the FBI.

Drew was an FBI agent risking it all to save the day, but an injury forces him into an analyst position. His current case—a political campaign under cyber-attack. The only excitement on this assignment is spectacular campaign volunteer Maritza.

Will Maritza’s quest for revenge drive them apart or be the glue that binds them together?

Lone Star Revenge is an exciting, steamy short in The Protecting Love Series of happily ever after romantic suspense novels. The story can be enjoyed as a standalone, no cliffhanger.

Author Michelle Donn

About Michelle Donn

Michelle introduced herself to romance novels by stealing them off her mother’s bookshelf. She got caught red-handed when she destroyed a new book by dropping it in the bathtub before her mom could read it. From stolen paperbacks to an overloaded iPad, Michelle’s passion for reading grew into her debut contemporary romance novel: Savannah Run.

She has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and has written a popular food blog for years. You can find all her recipe creations at cookbetterthan.com.

She lives in South Florida with her real-life prince charming, two dogs, two horses, a cat, and Daisy the donkey. Most evenings, you will find her floating in the pool, enjoying a cocktail, and working out the plot of her next book with her husband.

Get your fix of happily ever after with a shot of action and adventure.