Las Vegas Risk by Michelle Donn

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Las Vegas Risk

An internet famous billionaire playboy teams up with a security expert who hates the spotlight to take down his obsessed stalker before anyone gets hurt.

Harrison Woodhouse has a problem–his seemingly innocent secret admirer has escalated to threats of violence against any woman seen on his arm. But he can’t afford to go dark on social media in the middle of his new product launch. If he does, he’ll lose his investors and his followers just when he needs them the most.

It’s time to bring in the big guns.

A former FBI Agent, Chevy Adams has made a name for herself as a private security expert specializing in stalkers—and experience has taught her to keep her own life private and offline. Until she’s hired to protect Harrison Woodhouse

When his stalker continues to escalate, she reluctantly agrees to take the risk and pose as his girlfriend, putting herself in the line of fire to take down whoever is behind the attacks.

Two people who live wildly different lives will have to fake their relationship long enough to save a company and catch a dangerous stalker. But when their chemistry proves to be very real, can Chevy reconcile her desire for anonymity with Harrison’s life in the very public fast lane? Or will any chance at love slip away once the job is done?

Perfect for fans of low angst love stories, this fake relationship romance between an almost forty-year-old billionaire and a thirtysomething female bodyguard ticks all the boxes: steam, danger, humor. Las Vegas Risk can be enjoyed as a standalone, no cliffhanger, but it is book four of The Protecting Love Series.

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Savannah Run

Leia Stone is in over her head and the help of a talented fixer with a dangerous past is her only chance of survival.

Her new accounting job has become a nightmare, her boss’s biggest clients are New York’s most brutal criminals. Her half-baked plan to turn evidence over to the FBI backfires. And Leia is being hunted for what she knows. Desperate she turns to a former customer with a plea for help.

Eric Robb is a man of many interesting talents.

He’s a professional fixer whose clients pay him handsomely to make their problems disappear. But now he’s got a problem of his own—protecting an idealistic beauty he’s never been able to get out of his head.

His past and her present collide when a lethal hitman with his own agenda joins the hunt. They need information and follow the trail of evidence to the southern city of Savannah. Attraction growing and danger stalking them they arrive in the city for a St. Patrick’s Day they’ll never forget.

Eric is only one man, and his skills may not be enough to keep Leia alive. Forcing the FBI to act might save her life but he could lose her forever once she becomes their star witness.

Savannah Run is the first book in The Protecting Love Series. Expect tangled sheets, daring rescues and a happy ever after ending. A protective hero and a bold heroine flee cross country from a hired killer.

Chicago by Chance

A sexy air marshal not looking for love. A wealthy businesswoman whose deal lands her in danger. Neither expected a one-night stand to lead to a long-distance romance.

When real estate tycoon Katherine Ford’s life in DC implodes, she picks up and moves to Chicago. But the Windy City has its own perils—dirty politicians, corrupt business deals, and dangerous mobsters. Will she and Craig survive to find their happily ever after?

Craig March, veteran air marshal, stepped up and diverted a national tragedy. Little did he know the beautiful damsel in distress he saved was about to change his life. Their scorching one-night stand somehow goes from a fling to a long-distance relationship. And he has to figure out how to balance a career, an almost grown daughter, and a newfound love.

When Katherine’s ambitious business deal lands her on the wrong side of the Chicago Mob, she wants to fight back. But going it alone isn’t working. Can she accept that relying on Craig might be the only way to survive the threat? Or will her stubbornness cost her everything—the deal, her new relationship, and her life?


Chicago By Chance is book two in The Protecting Love series of standalone romantic suspense novels. It has steam, heart, danger, and humor. An ex-military over forty hero falls hard and fast for a thirtysomething millionaire businesswoman. Expect tangled sheets, perilous rescues, a hilarious personal assistant, and the awesomest Uber driver in the city of Chicago.

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Palm Beach Bodyguard

He’s the security expert her overprotective father hired. She’s the headstrong former prosecutor tempting him to break all his rules. Together they have chemistry hotter than the Florida sun.

It was the worst day of Ava Barton’s life. She’d been fired from the US Attorney’s office in Miami and learned there might be a contract on her life. The police and the FBI can’t protect her from “might,” so she begrudgingly takes refuge behind the walls of her parents’ oceanfront estate in Palm Beach.

Jackson King protects the rich and famous while they play in the Florida sunshine. When the powerful Barton family needs a bodyguard for their daughter, he steps up to take the job. But the platonic working relationship Jackson expects goes off the rails. And, against his better judgment, he wants Ava as more than a client.

When Ava’s life is at risk, Jackson’s need to claim her as his own threatens to boil over. Can he ignore his desires until the authorities catch the person behind the dangerous attacks? Or will her family send him packing?

Palm Beach Bodyguard can be enjoyed as a standalone but it is book three of the Protecting Love series.

Lone Star Revenge: A Protecting Love Novella

Maritza wants revenge. Drew is standing in her way.

Computer hacker Maritza lurked in the shadows looking for the opportunity to bring a dirty politician to his knees. She’s only got one chance to get even, and nothing will stop her. Not even the FBI.

Drew was an FBI agent risking it all to save the day, but an injury forces him into an analyst position. His current case—a political campaign under cyber-attack. The only excitement on this assignment is spectacular campaign volunteer Maritza.

Will Maritza’s quest for revenge drive them apart or be the glue that binds them together?

Lone Star Revenge is an exciting, steamy short in The Protecting Love Series of happily ever after romantic suspense novels. The story can be enjoyed as a standalone, no cliffhanger.

Lone Star Revenge

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Author Michelle Donn

About Michelle Donn

Michelle introduced herself to romance novels by stealing them off her mother’s bookshelf. She got caught red-handed when she destroyed a new book by dropping it in the bathtub before her mom could read it. From stolen paperbacks to an overloaded iPad, Michelle’s passion for reading grew into her debut contemporary romance novel: Savannah Run.

She has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and has written a popular food blog for years. You can find all her recipe creations at cookbetterthan.com.

She lives in South Florida with her real-life prince charming, three dogs, three horses, a cat, and Daisy the donkey. Most evenings, you will find her floating in the pool, enjoying a cocktail, and working out the plot of her next book with her husband.

Read the book. Eat the chcoclate. Drink the Wine.