Help Name Book 6 – Omaha??

Rick Cabrera’s book needs a name, and I’m hoping that my newsletter readers might help me pick it. I have a few working titles listed in the poll on the right. Or add your own idea to the list using the other choice.

He’s an FBI agent looking to lay low and heal his wounds. She’s a single mom working as hard as she can to stay afloat. He’s the only one she can turn to when a gang of thieves kidnap her son.

Everyone’s favorite FBI Agent and Miami party guy, Rick Cabrera is getting his own love story. Rick’s heading to Omaha, Nebraska to deal with an inheritance. But he’s found more than a hundred-year-old house in need of renovation. A single mom with a son in danger has Rick using every skill he learned at the FBI to help.

Omaha ??? Coming 2022

Miami Reignited Book 5
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Releases Nov 11, 2021

Miami Reignited by Michelle Donn

Potential Titles: