Just a ClientTitle: Just a Client
Series: Elmer, Texas #1
Release Date: 11/2/2023
Pages: 300

“No one can ever know I met my new client when I was buck-naked holding a dead rat. Elmer, Texas is too small a town. I’d never survive the gossip.”

Cameron Morgan has been single mom extraordinaire for the past sixteen years, with the town of Elmer as her trusty sidekick (it takes a village, after all). But now, with her daughter off to college, Cameron's got a fresh chapter in sight. She’s accepted a role on TV’s newest home buying show, hoping to skyrocket her real estate career.

Wilson Phillips is a billionaire caught in the throes of a midlife crisis. While most men might opt for a shiny new sports car, he's set his sights on a vacation dream home. The last thing on his mind is moving permanently to the quirky town of Elmer, Texas. And falling for the widowed former beauty queen whom the reality show has cast as his real estate agent? Out of the question.

Heads butt and sparks fly when a naked first meeting lays the kindling for a slow-burning romance between a small-town Realtor who knows not to fall for an out-of-towner and an LA businessman whose fear of commitment is bigger than his fortune.

Can these two successfully navigate falling in love on camera in a small town, or will their hearts end up in foreclosure?

Hold on to your Kindle because you’re about to fall in love with Elmer, Texas, a one-of-a-kind town in the Hill Country where Generation X couples get their chance at a happily ever after. Be ready for steamy scenes, meddling townsfolk, Texas-sized laughs, and drunken bunco with the mayor.

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