Title: Las Vegas Risk
Series: The Protecting Love Series #4
Release Date: 8/20/2021
Pages: 300

An internet famous billionaire playboy teams up with a security expert who hates the spotlight to take down his obsessed stalker before anyone gets hurt.

Harrison Woodhouse has a problem--his seemingly innocent secret admirer has escalated to threats of violence against any woman seen on his arm. But he can't afford to go dark on social media in the middle of his new product launch. If he does, he'll lose his investors and his followers just when he needs them the most.

It's time to bring in the big guns.

A former FBI Agent, Chevy Adams has made a name for herself as a private security expert specializing in stalkers—and experience has taught her to keep her own life private and offline. Until she's hired to protect Harrison Woodhouse

When his stalker continues to escalate, she reluctantly agrees to take the risk and pose as his girlfriend, putting herself in the line of fire to take down whoever is behind the attacks.

Two people who live wildly different lives will have to fake their relationship long enough to save a company and catch a dangerous stalker. But when their chemistry proves to be very real, can Chevy reconcile her desire for anonymity with Harrison’s life in the very public fast lane? Or will any chance at love slip away once the job is done?

Perfect for fans of low angst love stories, this fake relationship romance between an almost forty-year-old billionaire and a thirtysomething female bodyguard ticks all the boxes: steam, danger, humor. Las Vegas Risk can be enjoyed as a standalone, no cliffhanger, but it is book four of The Protecting Love Series.

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Please note this book contains steamy scenes, abductions, and gun violence.