Miami Reignited by Michelle DonnTitle: Miami Reignited
Series: The Protecting Love Series #5
Release Date: 11/11/2021
Pages: 250

How fast can an old flame rekindle in the face of danger?

Lilly Rhodes never imagined her passion for art restoration could ruin her life. But somehow, it has.

Now she's hiding out in a rental house in Miami with her three cats, using a fake identity, and letting paranoia guide her decisions. Out of options, all she can do is hunker down and pretend that being over forty and living like a crazy cat lady is normal.

Jared Heller didn't need excitement. Twenty-five years at the CIA had given him plenty. Now the retired spy does investigations for a friend in private security, and his newest case is far from exciting. He's stuck on never-ending surveillance duty sitting in a rental car, watching a house, waiting on his mark to do something…anything.

Sick of waiting, Jared gives his reclusive subject a little push out the door. But his push shoves her into a full tailspin and sends Jared down memory lane: his mark is his old college crush, Lilly Rhodes, and she needs his help.

Can Lilly leave paranoia behind and trust Jared with her secret? Or will her secret extinguish their old flame before they get the chance to rediscover just how hot it can burn?

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Please note this book contains steamy scenes and gun violence.