singed copyTitle: Savannah Run
Series: The Protecting Love Series #1
Release Date: 10/19/2020
Pages: 252

Leia Stone was looking for justice, she found trouble.

Her new accounting job has become a nightmare, her boss's biggest clients are New York's most brutal criminals. Her half-baked plan to turn evidence over to the FBI backfires. And Leia is being hunted for what she knows. Desperate she turns to a former customer with a plea for help.

Eric Robb is a man of many interesting talents.

He's a professional fixer whose clients pay him handsomely to make their problems disappear. But now he's got a problem of his own—protecting an idealistic beauty he's never been able to get out of his head.

His past and her present collide when a lethal hitman with his own agenda is hired to make sure Leia never talks to the FBI. Eric is only one man, will his skills be enough to keep Leia alive until the FBI acts? If he succeeds will he lose the woman he loves when she becomes a star witness?

Savannah Run is the first book in The Protecting Love Series. Expect tangled sheets, daring rescues, and a happily ever after ending. An opposites attract, action packed romance with a protective hero and a sweet heroine who are forced to flee cross country from a hired killer.

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Please note this book contains steamy scenes, violence and the mention of human trafficking.