Cover of The CriminalTitle: The Criminal
Series: Miami Private Security Series #3
Release Date: 6/1/2023
Pages: 300

She’s the biggest fence of stolen jewels in Miami. He’s the former SEAL determined to get her on the right side of the law.

Lee Vance made a name for herself as the go-to fence for the mob. But on her fortieth birthday, she had an epiphany. She wants out. The deal she makes with the Delgatto crime family is one last job and she can retire. Free and clear.

But life is never that simple.

Her final job is a disaster—people are dead, millions in rare watches are missing and the private security company, the Smith Agency, is on the case. Leading the investigation is her dead brother’s best friend and the newest wrench in her plan to retire, the infuriating and sexy Derek Sawyer.

As a retired Navy SEAL, Derek knows right from wrong, and Lee’s involvement in that heist was definitely wrong. He swore to keep her out of trouble, but he failed, reneging on a promise to his dead friend.

He walked away from his responsibility to Lee once. He won’t do it again.

As they clash over the investigation and Lee’s criminal career, their fiery arguments spark into passion neither can deny. But is attraction enough to overcome the lifetime of regrets and the minefield of mobsters that stand between them?

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The Criminal is a fun, fast-paced, enemies-to-lovers, over forty romance with suspense and action. A hot, middle-aged, former military hero falls for a morally gray woman and her awesome dog. Get ready for a hit of Gen X spice and a shot of happily ever after. The Criminal is part of the Miami Private Security Series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.