Title: The Negotiator
Series: Miami Private Security Series #2
Release Date: 10/6/2022
Pages: 299

Can a crisis be the crucible for love?

Arthur “L” Leck is a Bitcoin billionaire. And when his beloved niece is kidnapped he will pay anything for her safe return. But he’s no fool. He knows he needs a professional to negotiate Annie’s ransom.

Kidnapping and ransom insurance is a dangerous business—trading lives for dollars. Sydney was the negotiator who made the lifesaving deals for a decade. Until the gang leaders in Mexico decided she was too good and the insurance company she worked for sent her back to the USA before they had her murder on their balance sheet.

Annie’s kidnapping has all the hallmarks of the Mexican gangs Sydney has dealt with in the past, and the resources at her new private security firm, The Smith Agency, are all the backup she needs. This is the kind of job she lives for…or is it? Things aren’t adding up, and the Leck family’s hopes all rest on Sydney’s shoulders.

Working together to secure Annie’s safe return, Sydney and Leck find themselves fighting an unlikely and growing attraction. Divorced once, Sydney isn’t looking for love, especially not with a popular billionaire. But when Leck falls first, can he convince her to take the leap? Or is a relationship that sparks to life during a crisis doomed from the start?

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