The Defector – Signed Book


Signed by the author

The Defector – a prequel to the Miami Private Security Series

190 pages

5×8 trade paperback

Shipped in USA only.

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An American spy on a simple mission to intercept a Russian courier. What could go wrong?

John Smith is a veteran agent. He has skills and won’t apologize for his old-school methods. That’s why the CIA assigns him when they need results. And this time he’s at a posh ski resort in Switzerland looking for a Russian with a package.

Kira Semenov is desperate. No more spy games. She’s ready to check out any way she can after this assignment. Only quitting the FSB isn’t as simple as giving her two weeks’ notice. Not when she takes a lifetime of Russian secrets with her.

When John looks at Kira he sees more than a Russian with valuable intel. As his attraction grows, he realizes helping her defect is about more than politics. He’ll risk his career and his life to bring her to America and offer her the hope of a new future with him.

Can two fortysomething operatives break down the walls of distrust and help each other? Or will their instant attraction leave them vulnerable when the Russians try to exterminate their rogue asset?

Spy games hot enough to melt the alpine snow.

The Defector is a fast-paced, smart, and exciting prequel to the NEW Miami Private Security Series featuring two characters in their forties. Expect thrilling escapes, tangled sheets, and a surprising future for a jaded CIA agent and Russian spy with nothing left to live for as they try to evade a team of FSB commandos in beautiful St. Moritz.


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